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Here are main benefit !!!!!!
We guarantee absolute quality and perfection in every aspect of our service. Our presence at your function, party or event ensure complete coverage of who, what, where, when and why! We only shoot digitally to offer you the benefits of a faster turn-around, great image quality and on-site printing.
If you need images of the event for your corporate magazine, school newsletter or other medium, or just want to provide an opportunity for your staff, school or club members to take a record of the evening home, we are here to help.

For your guest there’s no better way to remember your event than a photograph, your guest becomes part of the function and not just a passive bystander.It adds that individual touch to your event and looking at the photographs becomes a real talking point that brings people together.
Ideal For Any Event
Black Tie Dinners-Awards-Balls-Galas-Charity Fundraising Event-Citizenship Ceremonies-Barmitzvahs-Wedding Receptions-Birthday Party-Corporate Family Days.


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Events FAQ
What does it cost ?

We will attend most events free of charge, photograph the guests and print and sell the picture at the event. There is absolutely no obligation to buy - if your guests like the photographs they may choose to make a purchase.

What are the costs to the guests ?
Our standard charge is £15 for a mounted 9" x 6" print.

What size prints do you offer?
At present We only print one size on location - 9inch by 6inch which we find is the most popular size.

Can you print the photos in black and white ?
We can print in b/w or sepia to add different effects flavour to your photos.

Can reprints be ordered ?

What kind of events do you cover ?
Pretty much anything really including black tie balls, golf days, dinner dance, school proms, graduations, private parties, corporate, social and sports events etc.

How much space do you need ?
Depends on the location if We need to set up a mini studio 20'x20' or smaller if we are only setting up our mini-lab facility.

Do you offer an 'inclusive' package so that our staff or guests don't need to pay for their own photos ?

Yes - sometimes it's appropriate for the organisers to include the photos as a momento of the event. Please contact us for details of our very competitively priced inclusive packages

Use of images for event publicity
Event organizers may select up to ten images in electronic jpeg format for use in their organization's newsletter, web-site, annual report and other publicity purposes.